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Wilson Karu The villain of Sinhala cinema

18 July, 2021

The name Wilson Karunarathna or Wilson Karu undoubtedly will remind us of a fearless fighter with sleeve splitting biceps. As an illustrious actor, he has engaged himself in the field of Cinema for over 46 years. No doubt that Wilson Karu belongs iconic actors in Sinhala Cinema.

He has established himself as the villain of the Sinhala Cinema. However, sadly at present seldom do we encounter such iconic artistes in the field. We could witness veteran actor Wilson Karu’s maiden cinematic appearance in the film titled Hadawath Neththodirected by Subayar Makeem in 1974. Films embellished by Wilson Karu’s versatility are many and notable. For example, he won a merit award for the role Nicholas in Malani Fonseka’s film Sasara Chethana.

Focusing on his performances in films in depth, we can witness a frown on his face whenever he delivers lines. Not that he acts but he enlivens characters. In every sequence, we can find that Wilson Karu uses his frown as a device to portray the characters. For examples in films such as Yakadaya (1977), Jeewana Ganga ( 1974), Saradiyelge Putha ( 1976), Hithuwoth Hithuwamai”( 1977), Hitha Mithura (1978), Selinage Walawwa (1978), Veera Puran Appu and Kivule gedara mohottala.

Not only his frown but also his face can be viewed as a factor to the embodiment of the characters. His beard and hooked nose create a mood in our minds as he appears in the screen. Moreover, the colloquial language he uses in his conversations can portray the character so precisely that the spectators can empathise with those characters.

For example, you may have heard that when Wilson Karu delivers lines written in a script he tends to add Ado or Do in such a way that we never forget those characters.

Ordinary actors cannot bring voice variation and expressions into the equation to portray the characters. That is why Wilson Karu remains as an unrivaled fight actor. In addition, his dedication is remarkable. As pointed out by many directors, he gets prepared for the character before performing his role. For example, he has received a martial arts training for the film Kiule gedara Mohottala. We can say that his remarkable dedication for films has made him a remarkable actor.

No pain, no gain

If we are to achieve goals in our lives we have to dedicate ourselves to them. Wilson Karu as a dedicated actor has undergone many hardships on behalf of the film. Actor Damith Fonseka said, “The veteran actor Wilson Karu is an able-bodied actor. He has played roles with my father in many films such as Yakadaya, Koti waligaya. Only a few actors can perform fight scenes naturally. On some occasions even the actors too have been astonished by Wilson Karunarathna’s performances.

I should say that the veteran actor Wilson Karunarathna is a bold hearted and kind actor. Wilson Karu is 80 years old now and is receiving medical treatment due to his illness. As we get old we get sick. But some people are spreading fabricated news that Wilson Karunarathna is helpless. Even the Cine Star foundation has taken measures to look after his health.”

As revealed by the editor of the Sarasaviya newspaper Aruna Gunawardana, actors such as Wilson Karu are rare in the field because he has done his own stunts alone. Even in fight scenes he has engrossed himself in real fights at the expense of his life and health. For example in the films such as Yakadaya, Kivule Gedara Mohottala and Eka da Wehi.

Wilson Karu could keep the whole audience in his grip throughout the film. Even now such films linger in our hearts because of the ceaseless dedication and sacrifice made by actors, such as Wilson karu.

Another example for this is the film titled Kiule gedara mohottala. In this film Wilson Karu plays the main role of Kivule gedara mohottala. In one of the sequences Wilson Karu jumps from the height of 80ft. Actor Wilson Karu wants to do the maximum justice to the character.

Stunt coordinator

Perhaps you might know that Stunt coordinators take the responsibility for designing stunts and coordinating the activities of stunt people in movies and television series. Wilson Karu has distinguished himself in the field of Cinema even as a stunt coordinator to adorn the film industry. For example , Nil Diya Yahana, Pooja, Kirimaduwal, Samanala Sihina, Samuganimi Ma Samiyani, Jeewithayen Jeewithayak. Considering his versatility, we can say that Wilson Karunarathna is a multi-talented artiste who has transcended all the boundaries.

His illness

In March 2021, Wilson Karunarathna has fallen at his home. His neighbours had immediately taken him to the Colombo General Hospital. Currently he is receiving treatment at Ward 43. Veteran actor Ravindra Randeniya said, “Many artistes have joined hands to look after actor Wilson Karunarathna.

Veteran actress Dilhani Ashokamala said, “It is Wilson Karunarathna who lived the role of a villain so naturally. But currently he is down with an illness.

There is no doubt that all the artistes are facing difficulties at present because we do not have either tele dramas or films. Unfortunately actor Wilson Karunarathna got sick in this pandemic. Now we all have to join hands to help him”. Wilson Karu was born in October 28, 1942. Being a multi-talented actor he has performed in over 250 Sinhala films and 15 teledrama series. The identity he has established as the best villain in the sinhala Cinema remains unshaken. Indeed such actors are rare.