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18 July, 2021

I am Nadula Dissanayake. I am 12 years old. I study at Sri Chandananda Buddhist College, Kandy. My family is small and there are five of us.

M y mother, father, sister, dog and I comprise my family. Is very beautiful. My dog is very funny sometimes and he does comic things. But I love it. My hobbies are riding a bicycle, skate boarding, playing the guitar and drumming. I enjoy these hobbies.

In the future, I want to go to Japan. Then I will start a business.

I will develop it. Then I will buy the most expensive car in the world.

I like to be a musician also . I will start a welfare society for street dogs. I like to travel all around the world.


Nadula Usel Dissanayake.

Grade - 7

Sri Chandananda Buddhist College,