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Trying to do what others do

18 July, 2021

Hello children,

Today, I want to focus on trying to do what others do or as it is popularly called Keeping up with the Joneses.

We all have our place in this world and there are some things we can do or cannot do. The same goes for possessions. You will have some things others will not have and they will have things you have not got. One can’t have everything in the world. So, don’t be jealous or hanker after other people’ things. Be content with what you have.

Always bear in mind that parents will always give you the best they can. So, it is not fair to worry them for something they may not be able to give you. You will only upset them and stress them. Above all, longing for things you can’t have will make you unhappy.

Among the children you know there will be children who will flaunt their branded possessions or other luxury items, boast about what they have and possibly look down their snooty noses at those who don’t have such things. They are just plain stupid with the wrong values.

It is not what you have that matters but what you are. If you are kind, hardworking, honest and generous among other such qualities then you are a valued member of society.

Not having luxury goods or having a whirl of parties, picnics, movie going or constant dining out does not make for a happy life. You can be just as happy with a tasty home cooked meal surrounded by family and friends. And that home cooked meal will have something that no fancy restaurant can give you- a lot of love and care- magical ingredients.

So, remember dear children that just because A, B, or C has a BMW or a Porsche doesn’t mean you must have one too. You are not the less for it.


Until next Sunday

Good luck

Aunty Nira