‘Fashion is my passion’ - Umayangana Randeniya | Sunday Observer

‘Fashion is my passion’ - Umayangana Randeniya

18 July, 2021

Vibrant colours and stunning designs can be born In our minds, but only a fistful of talented designers can recreate them with their fingertips.

Umayangana Randeniya is one of those talented designers. Indeed, she has identified her niche in the world of fashion and designs. She had her education at St Bridget’s Convent in Colombo and completed her Economics and Management degree at the University of London.

She honed her skills for a business career by following an MBA program in International Business at Deakin University, Melbourne. She has also followed a fashion and design diploma course at the Academy of Design with the aim of shaping her knowledge.


Umayangana being a very shy and introverted child, has kept to herself and in her own imaginary world. She used to play with colours, sketch and scribble as a child trying to derive inspiration from everything. She has been captivated by the beauty of the world around her. Even colours, textures and vibrant patterns have inspired her. She has inherited her father’s creative spirit. In other words creativity has got into her veins. It can be said that she has a growing interest in fashion and design.

“Relax your disturbed mind and let roses bloom in your mind.” Indeed the more we relax our minds the more our minds can generate new ideas.

Umayangana also worked in Singapore for a while. After coming back to Sri Lanka she kept aloof from the fast paced society to think of her next step. Later she came up with an idea of starting her own designer brand. She being a creative designer has identified not only niche children’s clothing brands in the market but also the needs of young parents.

‘The Little White Rabbit’ was launched by her in March 2017 when the Avurudu season began. Significantly they gained a reputation by becoming the first children’s clothing brand which entered the market exclusively online. In addition This is the first brand which identified the gap in the market for kids’ traditional wear collection. By following their FaceBook page one can get a wealth of information about their clothing brands.


“ We have a very loyal client base. I consider this as our biggest asset and biggest achievement,” Umagangana said proudly. Even at present they are receiving positive feedback from their clients. The secret to the success of their clothing brand is creating new trends according to the customer preferences. For sure the remains unrivalled forever in the world of fashion.