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Motivation psychology vital to improve performance in sports

18 July, 2021

Chamila Kodikara, a Lecturer in Motivation Psychology says he could show the way for Sri Lanka to win medals at the Olympic Games. The Youth Observer met him to discuss how it could be done and how he intends to go about it.

Q: First, I like to know about you. Could you introduce yourself?

A: Right. I am a psychological and cybernetics lecturer. I have conducted over three thousand lectures all over the world.

Q: For how many years have you been involved in this field?

A: For 23 years. I still work as a lecturer in motivation psychology.

Q: How did you get attached to the sports field?

A: As a motivator I had a chance to work with several sports teams and personalities. For example, several cricketers such as Sanath Jayasooriya, Rangana Herath, Angelo Mathews have received my self-motivation tips.

Q: During which period did you work with these famous cricketers?

A: I worked with Rangana before he was selected to the national team. I made a video and taught him how he could succeed. Angelo worked with me before becoming captain of the under-19 team. Then he continued to work with me.

Q: Is it true that you have said that you show Sri Lankan athletes the path to win medals at the Olympics?

A: Yes, that is absolutely true. I can teach them the method. A couple months ago, I explained to the Sports minister how we could achieve it. He accepted my method and ordered sports ministry officials to get my help to develop sports.

Q: What happened thereafter?

A: Unfortunately I could not give the best of my ability to them. After the Minister’s order I tried to join them. But it was not an easy task to settle down in this field.

However, I did not give up and work with several institutions in the sports sector.

Q: Did you meet the Sri Lanka Olympic team members and discuss with them on achieving their targets?

A: I conducted a lecture for them. The sports officials said that it was a superb lecture to build morale for players. However, I did not get another chance to work with them. But I made two personal videos for them.

Q: The Olympic Games is of a very high standard. How can you say that we can win medals in the Games?

A: It is will power. If you wish to win a medal you have to go on that path. I can train a person to win medals.

Q: Some may ask whether you are a magician. What would you tell them?

A: I am not a magician. But magical powers are in your mind. If you develop those powers you can do anything. You can win any task. Be it an election, exam, sports event or any other dream that you have.

Q: Isn’t this difficult to believe?

A: Give me a chance and I will prove it. I will show you how it can be done? I am speaking with a sense of responsibility.

Q: People say that without enough physical strength we cannot succeed in the international arena? What have you to say?

A: That is an old theory. Today we know that physical strength is not the driving force to win medals. That is in your mind and is ninety percent of your total power. Physical strength makes up the remaining ten percent. This is not my theory, but that presented by world-renowned intellectuals.

Q: One cannot win medals if one is not physically fit. Don’t you think so?

A: Of course not. If you are not physically fit you cannot win medals. Any player who win at national level can win medals in the international arena.

Q: The Sri Lanka cricket team is in the dumps at present. Do you think you could help them to find the path to success?

A: I have given the Sri Lanka Cricket CEO my project report on how to succeed. However, they haven’t called me yet. If they give me a chance I will prove it. It is nothing strange to me.

Q: How much time do you need to prove it?

A: I do not need a long period. If I am given three months I will produce results. But I wish to say that I am willing to help even the B team to find their skills and perform well.

Q: Don’t you think that it is a difficult challenge?

A: If Sri Lanka Cricket gives me a second or third level team I can train them to beat the national team. This is a challenge I am willing to undertake. I wish to impart my knowledge to develop sports in the country.

Q: Do you have evidence to prove this?

A: I am working with the Sri Lanka football team. I am training them to develop their mind strength. A couple of weeks ago they played against South Korea and another country. But although they lost they will develop their skills soon and will prove that my methods are successful.

Q: The Sri Lanka Olympic team is in Tokyo now. Can you help them to perform well?

A: Of course I could motivate them to win medals.

Q: How could you do it in such a short time? Do you wish to go on a joy ride?

A: I do not want to travel to Japan. I have travelled to several countries. As such I do not have a travel mania. I could motivate them if they contact me over the phone.

Finally I wish to say that I have methods which will enable us to overcome any challenge. You could read it online on This is not a business and I want to share this good news with the whole country.