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No Mother! I won’t

18 July, 2021

She woke up in shock
from a terrible nightmare
“Amma, Amma”
Her cry and scream woke
up the other
“Yes Darling Dear!
What’s the matter?”

“Why was I born?”
Her mother was surprised
at the unexpected question
Midst of the night
yet she answered
“To Live a Life
Never less of happiness
with no regrets
always full of sunny days,
to your heart’s content.”

“Then, Amma what is my purpose?”
Amma thought for a little
and calmly answered
“Born to do a lot,
not a little.
My dear you were born with
a bucket of responsibilities
and a list of duties
you shouldn’t lose the list
neither can you turn over the bucket
and let responsibilities flow down the river”

“But, how can I when the world stops me?”
After a moment of silence
The Mother spoke
“Let the world go on its way
while you choose your own way
I know what the world did to me
All the battles I fought,
wasn’t enough.
At last here I’m now left with
Scars of Memories
and Bites of Pain.”

“My Daughter,
Perhaps you can’t walk wearing
a fancy dress down the streets
you won’t be able to chat
freely with any other party.
Sometimes even your presence may annoy others.”
“that’s just the way the world is.
It won’t ever change.
Never try to change it
Cause it will never change...”

The younger looked into the eyes of her
and replied “No Amma! I won’t
I will stand and fight for it.
Yes, I won’t just give up.
I will troll the streets in shorts, skirts
I will hang out with all i want.
There will be no one to stop my limit.
My freedom will create a world where
Women are a legacy
If it isn’t for me
It will be for the future sisters and daughters.”

“May it be hard,
I will fight harder
no sitting with patience
Our patience was the greatest
weakness we had
I will throw away a hood of unfairness
and rise with the flag of justice.”

“Amma! Sleep well”.
Because tommorow the sun will shine brighter
Virgins will walk around town freely
Little girls will take the bus for school happily
and I will be asleep now
I have to fight back a nightmare .
Good Night Amma!