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AIA relaunches Smart Wealth

25 July, 2021

Following in-depth research and to address current market conditions, AIA Insurance recently redesigned and launched its flagship savings product, AIA Smart Wealth, enhancing its value and proposition to Sri Lankans. The newly designed Smart Wealth enables you to create, manage and protect your wealth. It combines the best of savings with life insurance while providing a significant amount of flexibility to customers.

The redesigned saving solution offers customers the choice of customizing the amount of life insurance protection they need. Smart Wealth comes standard with a life insurance cover of 5 times the Annualized Premium, but customers may choose to add more life insurance – up to 50 times the Annualized Premium, along with an Accident Insurance Cover.

In the event of death or Total Permanent Disability, AIA will immediately pay the insurance benefits to your loved ones AND will continue to pay your premium on your behalf so that your loved ones will receive the maturity as you intended.

This is a unique feature where customers get the benefit of protection and maturity in case the life assured passes away.