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Police log

25 July, 2021

 Fallen leaves lead to man’s death

BERUWALA: A man was allegedly killed following a heated stand-off with his neighbour over fallen leaves in his garden.

The incident was reported from Bandarawatte, Beruwala last week.

There had been a simmering dispute between the two for a considerable period over the issue of falling leaves. The tree belonged to the suspect, an immediate neighbour of the victim. On that fateful day there had been a heated argument between the two and the suspect is alleged to have pushed the victim who fatally hit his head on a wall.

The suspect described as a boat worker is on the run.

Boy dies in freak accident

GURUGAMA: A house was in mourning last week following the death of a nine-year-old boy in a freak accident while flying a kite in a paddy field. This incident was reported from Gurugama in Thambetthugama.

The victim had been flying his kite when he had accidently fallen into an unprotected irrigation well and drowned.

His limp body was found by relatives and fellow villagers when the boy failed to return home after dusk.

He was a Grade Four student at the local village school.

Economic Centre robbed

DAMBULLA: A group of thieves have started to rob vegetables and fruits at the Dambulla Economic Centre (DEC) as the prices for such items have begun to soar in the open market.

The thieves believed to be using motorcycles as their mode of transport have made several raids over the recent weeks.

The thieves are known to strike in the day and night and their activities have caused much concern to businessmen and farmers.

Two minors given alcohol

MAHIYANGANA: A 52-year-old man was arrested after he is alleged to have offered sweet drinks spiked with alcohol to two minors. The two minors aged nine and 10 were persuaded to enter the suspect’s home where they were tricked into consuming alcohol.

The victims were proceeding to a nearby shop when the incident had taken place.

The matter was taken up with the police after the parent’s of the two minors observed their odd behaviour and reddened eyes.

The 58-year-old was subsequently remanded.

Three soldiers held on ransom charges

NEGOMBO: Three soldiers were arrested after they tried to extort money from drug dealers in Negombo. The suspects are alleged to have demanded Rs. 80,000 from a man and another Rs. 15,000 from a woman involved in the drug trade.

The suspects told the victims that they would not be permitted to carry out their illegal drug trade if they failed to pay up.

The suspects were subsequently arrested on a tip-off.

It was only last week that four bogus policemen were arrested after they had extorted money from illicit hooch dealers claiming that they were officers from the Police Western Intelligence Division.