The ‘Twilight’ saga is finally on Netflix | Sunday Observer

The ‘Twilight’ saga is finally on Netflix

25 July, 2021

In what’s truly a blessing for those who have never left Forks, Washington behind, the ‘Twilight’ film saga has arrived on Netflix. That’s right, Twihards, it’s time to cancel all your plans and settle in, because everyone is watching and social media is filled with monumental and hilarious celebrations. And of course, memes. So many memes.

After you’ve figured out your official Breaking Dawn nickname and relived every moment of the films that Robert Pattinson compared to “existential art house horror” movies, you should take a scroll through your Twitter feed. As one Twitter user so helpfully pointed out, complete with a meme, there’s no reason to be sad anymore. And as for your future plans? Well, those are settled: “Everyone shut up the twilight saga is gonna be back on netflix next week no one disturb me i’ll be busy.”

While some are wondering about a possible future as a member of the Cullen family, others are contemplating plot points, including Jasper’s ability to continually masquerade as a high school student. Another Twitter user also had an important question, writing, “I just wanna know what was in the air that made the whole town love Bella.”

The return has also given fans the chance to appreciate some of the film’s most “iconic” moments, including the famous baseball scene from the first film. “Cinema really and truly peaked with the baseball scene in Twilight,” one user wrote.

You’ll have to tune in to find your own moment of ‘Twilight’ bliss, but with the films back on Netflix, many are considering a return to Twilight fandom, and TBQH, same. For now, even after you watch the entire series once, you can always go back and do it all again. Hopefully, Anna Kendrick gets her chance to watch, as she last admitted to forgetting that she was even in the films.