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Actor Kieren Hutchison thrilled many generations

25 July, 2021

No doubt that there cannot be found even a kid who has not heard of either William Tell or the Adventures of the Swiss Family. It is because both TV series have attracted our hearts. Winding back the clock to our childhood we can remember that William Tell and the Adventures of The Swiss Family occupied a major place in our childhood memories. In an interview with the Youth Observer this amazing actor Kieren Hutchison who played both roles of William Tell and Ernst Robinson shared his ideas and memories.

Kieren Robert Hutchison, born on October 9, 1974 in Auckland gained popularity by playing the roles of Jonathon Mckenna in the New Zealand soap opera. Kieren’s parents are Steve Hutchison and Sue Hutchison. He has two brothers in his family. Kieren’s father worked as the chief of St. John’s Ambulance in Auckland. But sadly he died of cancer at the age of 45.

Kieren’s mother was a house-maker. Kieren is married to an actress named Nicole Tubiola. At present Kieren is a father of a 14 year old boy - Quinn. Surprisingly, young talented Quin has won everyone’s hearts by launching his You-Tube channel called “ A Kid Explains History.” Indeed this YouTube channel is worth watching.

The Legend of William Tell and the Adventures of the Swiss Family

Speaking of the Tv series ‘William Tell’ telecast in 1998, it is a story that revolves around a hero who stands against the cruel rule of Xax. William Tell together with his friends Kalem, Leon, Aruna and Drogo left no stone unturned to bring down the cruel rule of Xax. Xax is in cahoots with Creon over a deal.

The only way to overcome the Shaytana’s Eye is the legendary crystal Arrow worn by William Tell. The Adventures of the Swiss Family, unlike William Tell, is about the adventures of survivors. In this TV series the Robinson family managed to survive the shipwreck which left them stranded in a deserted Island. Kieren Hutchison plays the main role of Ernst Robinson.

In the Adventures of Swiss Family he has been cast as Ben. Later the director of the series Declan Eames,after having noticed that Kieren can play the role of Ernst more successfully, cast him as Ernts Robinson. Surprisingly, Kieren has been given the opportunity to play the role of William Tell when he was acting in the Adventures of Swiss Family. “I had to spend a very busy life acting in two Tv series. But I was very happy to be busy,” he told the Youth Observer.

Recalling memories about ‘William Tell’ and the Adventures of the Swiss Family’, Kieren said that he had to spend six weeks in Fiji when he was acting in the Adventures of the Swiss Family. The most picturesque underwater sequences captured his heart. Speaking of William Tell, it should be pointed out that Kieren Hutchison has done his stunts alone. All the actors who played the main roles such as Kieren Hutchison (William Tell) and Andrew Robert (Xax) were given steel swords for one of the sequences. The most amazing fact is that In the final sequence of the TV series both were involved in a real sword fight. “I still marvel how we did not receive any serious injuries in the sword fight,” Kieren said.

Film and TV series

Except for William Tell and the Adventures of Swiss family there can be seen many TV series and films adorned by Kieren. For example, ‘Flower gir’, ‘Riding High’, ‘ Sea of fear’, ‘Who stole my daughter’, ‘Monarch Cove’, ‘Ground Zero’, ‘No one can hear you’ and ‘One Tree Hill’.

After Kieren went to America he got the opportunity to play the role of ‘ Andy Hargrove in ‘One Tree Hill’. Another amazing fact is that both Kieren and his wife Nicole Tubiola can be seen acting in the same film titled ‘Wildfire’. Perhaps you might not know that Kieren and Nicole have completed a science fiction novel. Those who are interested in the novel can get more details from Kieren Hutchson facebook fan page. Finally Kieren Hurchson remembered his Sri Lankan fans with much love.

“I thank all my Sri Lankan fans. I really have felt their love through my Facebook fan page (Kieren Hutchison) and Instagram. I am honestly happy to see a big audience for William Tell and the Adventures of Swiss family in Sri Lanka.” To be honest, I would say that Kieren Hutchison who has thrilled many generations is a kind hearted generous person.