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No One (Final Chapter)

25 July, 2021

(Continued from last week)

At 6.32

Will I get a call or not. Mom is also here. What should I do………?

(phone is ringing)

It should be her. Better answer it before Mom.

Me: Hello

Her: Hi it’s me.

Me: Oh hiii Dilan. Have you done the homework?

Her: What?

Me: Noo. I also did not. I was about to call you to ask about them.

Mom: Honey... Who is in the phone?

Me: It’s Dilan Mom.

Mom: Ah okay. I am going to take a bath. Open the door if father comes.

Me: Okay Mom.

Her: Aaa I got it. Smart.

Me: Yeah Always. Listen, Here is the plan. I will skip school tomorrow. And I will come to yours’. You also have to skip school and get your mom to go out for something. May be you get sick and ask your mom to get some medicine from the pharmacy. Anything. At that moment I can come to your home. Okay?

Her: It sounds pretty hard.

Me: Yeah It does. Moreover, we will be unable to communicate with each during the mission. We don’t even have mobile phones. So, we have to do things sharp as discussed. We both have to fulfill our duties. But, Ah, I will be able to get a call from a communication centre after I skip school. Ok. I will make a phone call before coming to your home.

Her: Do I have any other choices?

Me: You know the answer.

Her: Okay. Let’s do this. I know this is our last chance.

Next morning

Okay. Here we go. Ah let’s check the bag again. Extra suit, The half box. Uh It’s heavy and half of my bag. Bette rif Mom will not lift my bag before I go.

Mom: Honey, Van has come. But you have to get your breakfast before you go.

In front of the School

Sorry Mom. I have to skip school.

Me: Aah... hey, I have to get some photo copies from the bookshop. I will take it and come.

My friend: Ah okay I will come with you.

Me: No. No. I can manage. Thank you.

My friend: You are sure?

Me: Of course

My friend: Okay, bye. See you in the class.

Me: Okay see you.

Okay. let’s begin the mission. It is better to change the dress in public wash rooms. Well I am done, Let’s call her.

There: Hello (Her Mom) at

Oh crap! That’s Aunty.

After few minutes

Let’s make it again

There: Hello(Her)

Me: Thank god. It’s you. I will be at your house in a few minutes.

Her: Give me 10 minutes. She will be out in 10 minutes.

Okay It is not too far to Shenu’s house. I will trust my legs. Ah, here it is. Her house. Gate is a bit different. It should be. This is 2011. Well, the car is not there. Mom should have gone.

Gate opens

Me: Wow, it has opened without even knocking.

Her: I was waiting here for you. Come quick.

Me: Okay. You are still beautiful at age 11.

Her: Ah, really. Thanks. But I am sorry, you are not.

Me: But still worth.

Her: Hurry up. Let’s do something with them.

Me: Ok. Ah where is it? I remember that I put it in the bag.

Her: WHAT? Did you leave it?

Me: No, no. Just kidding. Don’t get angry little girl.

Her: Don’t you dare let me be a murderer in this age.

Me: Uh, Bring your part.

Ah it fits.

Me: Look carefully, there should be something we missed.

Her: Ah wait, wait, wait. Here is a cover. Let’s remove it. Ooh. A puzzle. A word puzzle.

Me: Does it make any sense?

Her: What?

Me: No. Nothing.

Her: We have to make a word. The correct word.

Me: Aaa. A password.

Her: No it’s a word puzzle. You don’t have to type or write it. You have to make it by sliding these words. Don’t say stupid things.

Me: Anyway, let me try. I will make my name S H E V O N. uh nothing happened. I can’t even complete my name

Her: Don’t play with it. Give me.

Me: Try your name.

Her: Will see. S H E N A Y A, no nothing is working. I also can’t complete it. The name is too long. Think.We could open this thing in the place that we met first. As well as that, this name should be related to both of us.

Me: Then try that place.

Her: No nothing is working. May be my mom is on the way. Have to do something. Quickly.

Me: Wait wait. Have to think about something. Related to both of us. Favorite food, drink, sport or something like that.

Her: Are you kidding huh.

Me: No, I am just trying to remember something related to both of us. We both are humans. Ah can’t. Others are also humans aren’t they.

Her: Look. It just needs four letters. Think of a word of four letters which related to us. Wait. I think I got it. Think. It should be related to us. According to that face we are the energy of the existence of human beings.

Me: Wait. Did you meet that face too?

Her: Yeah, Ah you know he called.... Sorry it called me “Eileithyia” But I don’t know why. Wait… that means you met that face too. Is that it ?

Me: Ah, Now, I do understand. I thought I am the narrator. No I am not. We both. We both are narrators. Anyway, what you were going to say?

Her: Ah, according to that this should describe both of us. Just us. What about that name you have created.

Me: What is it?

Her: “Blum”

Me: Ah that was a name that I just said. Just like plums.

Her: But we can even try can’t we? You know, I was very comfortable with that name. I love it. Just try.

Me: Okay then. Go on.

Her. Uh, it fits.

Oh suddenly, a light is coming out from the box. Just like an energy.

Me: Take my hand. Let’s do this together.

Her: What have you meant by this?

Me: Something will happen next.

It has been a time of a SNAP. It is dark. No either top or bottom. No buildings, No trees. Just DARKNESS.Ah Just like the place that I met that face.

Her: Where we are. Ah look you look normal now.

Me: What? Ah look at you too. We are not those children anymore. We are back.

Her: Look. There are three doors in front of us. I think we have to choose one.

There are three doors. With different symbols. First door has three complete circles which have intersected with each. Second door also has three intersected circles but those circles are not completed. Third door has nothing. And there are two lines above the doors. First one connects first door and the second door. Second one connects the second door and third door.

Me: Oh c’mon. Again. I am tired of solving puzzles.

Her: Oh darling this may be the final step. I need you. We both need each other. Let’s find the correct one just like before.

Me: Okay, Okay. Try this out.

Her: May be these circles are symbols which bring out some message.

Me: Ok. Look. First one, there are circles which have intersected with each. And those circles are completed. But the second one also has three circles but not completed. It is still completing. And the third one has nothing.

Her: So, you are gonna say…..?

Me: May be this is about life. The common part of these three circles shows the life. And the circles may be some parametres of life. major parametres like cosmic force, Dependent Origination and Universal Elements. And look first one is completed and cannot change and it is connected with second one. May be it affects the second one? Second one is still completing. First door may be the past which has already being completed. Second one might be the present which is still completing. And both of them are connected.

Her: Ah that means third one should be future which has not even begun.

Me: I can’t say it as “Should”. But may be.

Her: Let’s do this.

Me: No no no. We have to think about this again.

Her: I believe in you. Whatever will be happened. I am so glad to have someone like you.

Suddenly she kisses me. This is unexpected.

Her: Come with me.

We go through the second door.

It is very bright. Again with a time of SNAP. I am on my bed. I can hear the chirping of birds. That hissing sound of my fan and the sound of my mom’s cooking.

But I don’t believe this again. Check the year. Thank God it is 2021. I am back!