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AMW strives for a fraud-free market for pre-owned vehicles

1 August, 2021

Associated Motorways (Pvt) Ltd, recently announced that the AMW Certified Vehicles initiative for pre-owned vehicles has taken the lead since its launch in April, 2020 coinciding with the recent ban of motor vehicle imports. AMW Certified has been the established market leader in the pre-owned vehicle market with over 10,000 customers island wide.

AMW Certified facilitates a swift and streamlined experience for buying and selling of pre-owned vehicles of all brands in addition to their core brands; Nissan, Suzuki, Datsun & Renaultwith which the Company has years of experience and expertise with. AMW can purchase a customer’s vehicle immediately with a payment guarantee within just 4 hours.

All vehicles are backed by an AMW Technical Certification, a warranty of 1-3 years and mileage up to 100,000 kilometers. Virann De Zoysa, General Manager - Suzuki, Automall & Certified Vehicles at Associated Motorways (Private) Limited opined: “We have identified a niche and delivered a groundbreaking product to satisfy the customers’ appetite in these trying times.

“After we ventured into dealing with pre-owned vehicles it is encouraging to note that many other agents/ distributors have also entered this segment to provide superior value for customers in the pre-owned vehicle arena.

“This ultimately benefits all potential buyers and sellers because organizations such as AMW are particular about transparency, quality and trust which are components gravely lacking in the unregulated pre-owned car market. Vehicles carrying AMW Certification are cleared from unscrupulous mileage -meddling & other fraudulent activities embedded in the pre-owned market due to lack of a regulatory framework,” he said. According to De Zoysa, in keeping with AMW’s commitment to countering fraudulence in the pre-owned vehicle market, Consumer Affairs Authority will be immediately alerted about incidents of mileage tampering and other unscrupulous activities detected during the inspection & quality certification of pre-owned vehicles.

“A challenge facing the industry at present, more so than the import ban itself, is the barrage of misinformation sellers and buyers have to navigate; rumours give buyers false hope and furthers uncertainty in the marke,” De Zoysa said.

Apart from odometer manipulation, Zoysa also warned prospective buyers of other fraudulent activities pertaining to the pre-owned vehicles market such as selling stolen, rented vehicles after processing forged documents.

He advised customers to always seek the services of a reputed and authorized agent.