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CK Express Shipping launches operations in Sri Lanka

1 August, 2021
Channa Karunanayake  
Channa Karunanayake  

CK Express Shipping Line launched NVOCC operations in Sri Lanka last month. The Joint Venture Agency was launched by CK Express Shipping Line India, Chairman, M.P. Alaagu Kumar and Freight Movers Logistics (Pvt) Ltd, Chairman, Eshantha Fernando.

Chairman Eshantha Fernando said, “Although this is an idea that has been around for a long time being much hampered and delayed and despite the challenges due to the global pandemic situation, CK express Shipping Line took a brave step in entering the Sri Lankan market.”

CK Express Shipping Line, Managing Director and Owners’ Representative in Sri Lanka, Channa Karunanayake said, “CK Express Shipping Line has grown to be one of the most reliable shipping companies in India operating approximately more than 3,000 TEUs in General Units and Special Equipment Units. We are very grateful and take pleasure in joining hands with our clients – CK Express Shipping Line, for the confidence they have placed in us during the past 20 years and joining us in Sri Lanka as a reliable shipping company. 

“Based on an agreement, the CK Express Shipping Line will regularly transport shipments from ISC, Gulf, Upper Gulf, Middle East and Red Sea Ports, China, South East Asia, Far East - Zonal Sectors to Sri Lanka regularly as an NVOCC operation,” he said.