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Foreign words and phrases

1 August, 2021

English has borrowed a large number of foreign words and phrases. Here is a collection of such words and phrases.
Bonsoir (French) Good evening! Good night!)
Oliver said bonsoir to her abruptly and went to his study.
Bon voyage (Good journey!)
Grandmother wished him bon voyage with tears in her eyes.
Boomerang (Australian aboriginal)
If a plan or action boomeranged on someone, it affects them badly instead of affecting the person who it was intended to affect.
Boudoir (French) a woman’s bedroom or private dressing room
A light was shining through the door of the little room which served Emma as a boudoir.
Boulevard (French) a wide road in a town or city often with trees along the sides
We spent the afternoon strolling along the boulevard.
Bouquet (French) a bunch of flowers
The bride carried a large bouquet.
Bourgeois (French) belonging to the middle class
Sharon comes from a bourgeois family.
Boutique (French) a shop selling fashionable clothes or other items
Lucy bought a skirt from a little boutique in Paris.
Bravado (Spanish) a pretense of bravery
Tom went along the street exhibiting his youthful bravado.
Bravo (Italian) Well done!
Bravura (Italian) great skill shown in the way you perform, write or paint
Bric-a-brac (French) a miscellaneous collection of items not worth very much
The shop was full of bric-a-brac ranging from ornamental brasses to memorabilia.
Brouhaha (French) unnecessary excitement, enthusiasm or activity
Brunette (French) a woman with brown hair
That night he again dreamed about the mysterious brunette.
Brusque (French) abrupt, blunt or offhand
The messenger handed over the letter in a brusque manner.
Buffet (French) a meal at a party or other occasion, in which people serve themselves at a table and then move away to eat.
The price includes morning coffee, buffet lunch and afternoon tea.
Bungalow (Hindi) a single-storey house
The bungalow was sold to an elderly couple.
Bureau (French) an office or organisation that collects or provides information
Tourist information can be found at the visitors’ bureau.
Bureaucracy (French) a complicated official system that is annoying or confusing because it has a lot of rules
There is a need for the reduction of unnecessary bureaucracy.
Burqa / Burka (Urdu) a long loose outer garment that covers the whole body worn by Muslim women
Burlesque (French) speech, acting or writing in which a serious subject is made to seem silly or an unimportant subject is treated in a serious way
The magazine consisted of political burlesque and skits.
Cabal (French) a small group of people who make secret plans, especially in order to have political power
Cabana (Spanish) a simple beach house
Cabaret (French) entertainment, usually with music, songs and dancing, performed in a restaurant or club while the customers eat and drink
Pauline is working as a cabaret dancer.
Cache (French) a number of things that have been hidden, especially weapons, or the place where they have been hidden
Cadet (French) someone who is training to be an officer in the army, navy, air force or police
Cadre (French) a small group of trained people in a profession
The company had a cadre of highly trained scientists.