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KFC marks 25th anniversary in Sri Lanka

1 August, 2021

The story of KFC in Sri Lanka began in 1996, when the first restaurant opened its doors at the popular shopping complex Majestic City. Fast forward to 25 years and 44 restaurants later, KFC Sri Lanka has gone from strength to strength.

While the world-renowned status of the KFC brand is undeniable, the iconic fast-food restaurant chain came from humble beginnings. It all began over 75 years ago, when a simple cook who went by the name of Colonel Sanders created the “Original Recipe”, bringing together 11 herbs and spices. This acclaimed recipe – which remains a trade secret even today - would go on to become the pillar of success as KFC’ssignature fried chicken is much loved across the world.

When Cargills (Ceylon) PLC acquired the franchise rights to KFC 25 years ago, we brought one of the most distinctive and widely popular dining experiences to the country. Today, KFC Sri Lanka is one of the most popular restaurant chains with a strong brand heritage and loyal customer base. Besides following the Colonel’s formula of freshly prepared and great tasting chicken, we have also innovated our product offering to cater to the spicy palates of the domestic clientele. By fusing international and Sri Lankan flavours, these locally inspired additions to our menu have proved to be a recipe for success.

Leveraging Cargills’extensive distribution network, we exclusively sourcelocally producedfresh chicken and vegetables from farmers. Through our continued engagement with the local poultry producers, we have created new markets for our country’s produce.

Operating a network of 44 restaurants island wide, KFC is also a great source of employment opportunities and improved career prospects – especially to the country’s youth.Being a major player in the world’s food industry, our team members are exposed to an unparalleled career experience at an international level of standard, enabling them to learn new skills and enhance their knowledge.

The management also strives to foster a collaborative workplace culturewhich encourages innovation and creativity from our team members. By replacing non-recyclable packaging and opting for more sustainable alternatives as much as possible, we uphold our commitment towards conserving the environment. These collective efforts have led to a reduction of approximately 8 MT of plastic per annum, which is 90% of its consumption,and our team is constantly working towards fully eliminating the use of plastics in operations in the near future.Achieving this milestone would position KFC Sri Lanka as the first international restaurant chain to be entirely plastic-free in the country.

Over the years, growth through expansion has been a key focus for us and presently, we operate 44 KFC restaurants across the country. Plans are to add another 12 restaurants, bringing the total to 56by the end of the calendar year. Additionally, to reach our customers at home, we have invested in alternate channels such as inhouse and third-party deliveries. Even in times when customers are unable to visit our restaurants, we can still bring them joy and excitement – all packed in a chicken bucket - to their doorstep.

As we recognise this significant milestone, we would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to all our patrons and partners who have supported us in our journey so far. Moving forward, KFC Sri Lanka will constantly work to better serve our customers with great food and even greater experiences.