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Let’s stop waste and help others

1 August, 2021

Hello readers,

‘Waste not, want not. What does this mean? Essentially it means a simple truth – if we don’t waste our resources we will not be lacking or wanting anything.

When you say wasting one of the first things that come to mind is money.

There are many ways to waste and lose money. For instance, senseless buying of things that you really don’t need and going beyond your budget to show off are two great ways of wasting your precious money.

But wasting is not only money. One area where there is frightening waste is food. Haven’t you seen garbage dumps overflowing with food? Or just take the garbage in your home- you yourself will be surprised at the amount of food that might be lying there.

Don’t buy excess food unless there is a crisis and it is absolutely essential to stockpile. Don’t cook huge amounts of food just to throw it away. And don’t serve yourself more than you can eat. If you need more you can always serve yourself.

When we waste we could also be depriving someone else of food. And remember instead of wasting if we conserve food we can always help out a hungry or needy person.

How many of you have witnessed the heart breaking sight of adults and children scavenging dumpsters for food? Next time you feel like wasting food think of them.

We also waste our precious resources. Water is one of these. How many of you leave taps running while you attend to other things? See the amount of water gushing out of broken taps and pipes on the roads?

Electricity is another resource we waste. How many of you remember to switch off fans when leaving a room?

There are many other resources which are wasted by us but there is no room to go into all that here.

But do rack your brains and think of them and make a resolve to stop all waste on your part now.


Till next time.

Good luck

Aunty Nira