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Technology for students

1 August, 2021

Technology is one of the most important things for students who do their studies in a pandemic. Not only for education, but at present it helps to do our day to day work and also to do office work from home.

Due to this Covid-19 pandemic, students can’t attend their usual classes Instead, they have to attend virtual classes.

Technology helps us to connect with teachers and other students. Zoom, Teams and Google Meet are the most popular learning platform these days. To access to a virtual class, student must have a device like a mobile phone or a laptop with a internet connection.

But still we must have some knowledge or some understanding of using those applications and devices. There are both advantages and disadvantages in technology

 Let’s discuss about the advantages first.

This is a new learning experience for both teachers and students. Platforms like Zoom and Teams help to conduct a virtual classroom for a large number of students at once. 

    Students might use this technology in the wrong way. Therefore, parental guidance is a must when students are connected to internet.

There are some disadvantages too. All the students do not have use of devices like mobile phones. Some students don’t have Internet facilities. Thus, the lack of infrastructure is a drawback.

     Technology such as mobile phones or computers can cause addiction. Technology can increase pollution and health problems. It can also create a shortage of jobs. Moreover, technology can deplete natural resources.

Menuki Lehansa Wijesinghe ,

De Mazenod College,

Grade 9 B