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A weekend with my friends

1 August, 2021

 The past weekend was the best weekend in my life. It is because my friends came to my house with their family members’ was overjoyed.

Then, we all had some snacks and our parents started chatting. My friends and their siblings went to the garden and we played many games such as badminton, cricket and run and catch. Hours passed by without our knowing.

In the evening we all watched a movie. After the movie we all played indoor games like carom, chess and monopoly.

All of us were very hungry and sleepy. We all had dinner. Everyone helped with the dishes and because of that the work was so easy and quick. Then, we went to sleep.

The next morning while we were having breakfast our parents asked us whether we would like to have a river bath.We shouted and jumped for joy. We played in the river and enjoyed ourselves very much. We learnt to swim by watching how our elders swam.

We came home and had lunch to gether. A few hours later they packed their bags and said good bye. It was a very sad moment but this was the best weekend in my life.


Dewmi Antony

Grade 8 St. bridget’s Convent

Colombo 7