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Throwbacks to theatre

A pictorial series of spectacular theatre productions

8 August, 2021

As the global pandemic takes its toll on the vibrant theatre culture of Sri Lanka, with little opportunity at present to give the art of theatre life on stage, the Sunday Observer brings to its readers a series of weekly pictorials of past theatre productions which can be appreciated for their ‘visual splendour’.

Thus it is hoped these pictorials will contribute at least in some small way to keep alive the thirst for theatre among our readers and drive the ‘spirit of support’ for theatre artistes to return once more to the stage and enliven the country’s cultural life.

In this fourth instalment of the ‘Throwbacks to Theatre’ pictorial series, the Sunday Observer brings to sight, moments on stage from ‘Nattukkari’, the Sinhala translation of the French play ‘Colombe’ written by French playwright Jean Anouilh.

The Sinhala translation was written and directed by veteran theatre practitioner Dr. Namel Weeramuni. The photographs featured in this pictorial are scenes captured by the talented photographer Dayan Witharana from the production staged in 2014 at the Namel and Malini Punchi Theatre in Borella.