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Digesi Amarasinghe, the poetic sweetheart of a flying bird

15 August, 2021

The other day on a twilight evening, as my eyes were almost lost in a panegyrical synopsis on the Bard's sonnet 51: Thus Can My Love Excuse The Slow Offence, simultaneously my ears cried for their thirst for a melodious break where I tuned onto Marconi's amazing invention which decorated my ears with a soothing voice, elaborating her synopses for a number of widely acclaimed and warmly embraced songs, sung by the signing icons in the island. The soothing voice, heard was of Digesi Pabasara Amarasinghe, a young poet with a promising future whose potential in the world of poetry deserves eulogy.

Neither in a mere spell nor in a matter of overnight, had Digesi arrived at the mind-blowing and sensational world of poetry. Ever since she was a child, Digesi spiced up her writing. Poetry runs through her veins.

Speaking to the Sunday Observer, Digesi in retrospect noted that her late grandfather frequently remaining by her side, taught her of the poetic devices which add favour, colour and texture to her poems.

Poetic influence

Digesi said, “My grandfather, Ariyawansha Dharmathilaka Amarasinghe was a well-known poet who was once the president of the Colombo Young Poets’ Association. He wrote by the name of Neela Katukodiarachi.” She said that having spotted a heap of files, enclosed with a vast of poems, written by her grandfather, kept in his almirah, she got moved and impressed to own her own collection of poems of such calibre on one fine day.

As Digesi was still in the secondary school, to her utter surprise, her debut poem got published in “Mihira”, a children's newspaper. Since then, she neither abandoned nor lost her thirst and passion for poetry. She has been contributing her poems to the local newspapers since 1995. Digesi still while schooling took part in some poetry competitions conducted by the press. She still enjoys recalling her memory on the presents given by the book publisher ‘Gunasena’.

Digesi often makes sure that her poetry illustrates vivid images. Digesi's poems are enriched with poetic devices which add glamour, colour and grandeur to her poems. She said that she neither speculates nor compromises on the idealism that she tries to bring out in her writing.

When asked more about her utilisation of poetic devices, Digesi said that her use is deliberately done, depending on the circumstances of writing.

She said, "Just imagine, if you can treat the words that you include in your poem as a meal that you cook, no doubt remains that you got to include all the ingredients to make it a healthy and delicious meal. You need a lot of potential and considerable care, given to it to make it much tastier. Similarly, you got to make little additions into your poem which may eventually end up being a unique masterpiece.


The launch of Meghana, her debut anthology, initially scheduled in May, 2021 got postponed due to the pandemic. Digesi remains optimistic of launching Meghana, notably her much awaited collection of poems, anticipated by her parents sooner than later, as the scary times slightly recede. Meghana is a fine collection of poems, composed on different subjects involved with different genres.

A careful observer may introduce Meghana as an offspring of Digesi's words, penned even on a discarded piece of paper that had been collected for a long time during which she gave life to a classy manuscript. Most poems, included in Meghana are, as Digesi said, the spontaneous overflow of some powerful feelings which find their origin from emotion that is recollected in tranquility. If declared in nutshell that is what William Wordsworth said in the preface to Lyrical Ballads.

A prospective critic of Digesi's Meghana would find that her poems are as once declared by T.S Eliot from the essay Dante is a test of genuine poetry which can communicate before it is understood. Digesi's poetry, composed in the ordinary language has risen to the nth power. She comments that ideas give birth to a poem, it is bonded with emotions; there should be an exquisite, delicate, intricate and tough skin of words in a poem.

Digesi said that she often shares her poems on Facebook. Her Nisades Gee Arana is well acclaimed by the poem enthusiasts. She enjoys a broader audience for her poems. Digesi recollected that her joining with the "Born in 82 and 2000 A/L Facebook group" brought her poems a considerable popularity which was simply a mere brainchild for her to have her debut anthology.

Based on her suggestion, made to the 82 Facebook group, Digesi found herself composing lyrics for Hindi melodies and all of which were sung by her friend Akila Sameera. Meanwhile, addressing a request, by her umbrella of friends, Digesi composed lyrics for the song Vassana Nimayi, a duet, sung by Visharadha Indika Upamali and Akila Sameera.

The music composition is by veteran music composer Visharada Samantha Perera. Amid health hazards, the release of the song got delayed for a while and currently, the music video is being edited to be released shortly.

Blissful company

Digesi was born and brought up in Pussellawa, in the central capital with the blissful company of Naduni and Poornima, her two siblings. The former is domiciled in Australia with her spouse. Her father is Vijitha Amarasinghe, an entrepreneur by profession while her mother Padmini Amarasinghe enjoys the freedom of retirement following a career in teaching. Digesi fondly remembered her paternal aunt novelist Ashoka Samanmali Amarasinghe who coined her name Digesi - one who has got bright long eyes.

Digesi is married to Mahesh Malinga Senanayake, a fighter pilot in the Sri-Lanka Air force and the couple is blessed with two daughters, aged 10 and five. Digesi acknowledged her debt for her parents and sisters for an overwhelming support and encouragement, given right throughout. She often carries a nosegay which is decorated with red red roses for her better half to have facilitated a home environment which is conducive for her writing where she can confine herself into seclusion.

Digesi, a product of Holy Trinity college, Pussellawa and Girls' high school, Kandy is graduated with a B.Sc. degree in Business Administration with 2nd upper class from the University of Sri Jayewardenepura. Even while Digesi was working at the Divisional Secretariat, Gampola, she carries on writing her poetry. Digesi made a special mention of appreciation on eminent TV and radio personality Nihal Wickkrama Edirisuriya whose able guidance adds colour and glamour to her poetry.

She reserved an accolade for poet Mahendra Suriyaarachchi and literary critic Sisira Gamage whose constructive criticism enlightens her. Digesi expressed her gratitude for Radio presenter Mekala Wasundara for her efforts in bringing her into the limelight.

Also, she retains a special word of appreciation on her friend, Tharanga Herath for giving her mental solace at the toughest times in her life. She also mentioned her childhood friend Padmini Dissanayake with deep sense of gratitude.