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Finetech Consultancy receives ‘Great Place to Work’ certification

5 September, 2021
The Finetech team
The Finetech team

Google’s  premier partner in Sri Lanka since 2010, Finetech Consultancy recently acquired certification as a ‘Great Place to Work’. 

The certification granted by independent consultants Great Place to Work Sri Lanka certifies that Finetech’s working environment, human resource strategies and overall culture is employee-friendly. The credential is awarded after the two lens method comprising the Trust Index  Employee Survey and the Culture Audit analysis framework survey is carried out and the results match the global qualification criteria required to be a Great Workplace.

Finetech Consultancy’s Founder and Director and CEO Clehan Pulle said, “From the inception of Finetech more than a decade ago our strongest asset has been our employees. They form the backbone of our operations and have taken us to great heights in a short period. Much of the accolades that Finetech have won over the past 10 years has been thanks to our dedicated team. In return for their services, we believe that it is paramount to take care of our staff. The fact that we have done our best is reflected in this certification. Furthermore we strongly believe that when our staff is happy automatically our customers will be happy too as the service levels will be at its best”.

“Despite the pandemic, subsequent lockdown and the economic turmoil, we took a conscious decision to not let go of any of our employees. We made strategic changes, and despite difficulties faced during this period we continued to take care of the personal needs of our staff and supported them in every possible way,” he said.