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How I learnt my language

5 September, 2021

Having lived in Sri Lanka for only three years, learning, reading and understanding Sinhala was tough. At times, I felt left out as I could not understand what people said. I was confused as to whether they were saying something good or whether they were just making a fuss.

When I knew that I couldn’t pass my exams without getting a pass for Sinhala that’s when I started moving. So, one day I sat and thought about it. Will just sitting and allowing time to pass by solve the problem? I did not even know the basics! I started working really hard.

I knew I could do it with more effort. As time passed I knew the basics with the help of my teachers, but I was still not where I needed to be.

I kept on trying. I tried all I could and all I kept thinking was I needed to pass. Indeed, there were times when nothing would go into my mind.

Yet, I kept on trying and never gave up. Teacher after teacher came to help me. I tried many things which would help me. I read newspapers, children’s story books, my school text books and I even watched Sinhala TV channels. Two years passed.

I started to understand and not only that I could communicate too. I felt much relieved.

But when I started talking many people came up to me and made fun of me. They made fun of the way I spoke and what I said and did to improve my knowledge of Sinhala.

All I knew was that I had to ignore them and do my best and continue with my dream of becoming a good Sri Lankan.


Fathima Hafsa Rifdhy

Grade 11

Lead The Way Girls’ International School