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Mahindra Ideal Welipenna plant goes green

5 September, 2021
The 805 KW solar system installed at Mahindra Ideal Lanka 
The 805 KW solar system installed at Mahindra Ideal Lanka 

Mahindra Ideal Lanka (Pvt) Ltd in Welipenna, a subsidiary of the Ideal Group is set to add 805 Kilowatt (kW) of solar power to the national grid today, commemorating Founders Day, the birthday of  the company’s Founder and Chairman, Nalin Welgama.

Contributing to a greener planet and saving the nation’s resources, the Ideal Group’s subsidiaries including Ideal Motors, Ideal Choice and Ideal First Choice had previously set up solar power units at its business locations and already benefit from renewable energy and earth-friendly solutions.

Marking significant progress in the use of renewable energy, seven Ideal locations have installed solar power and contribute to the national grid;

All these installations have been completed by Ideal Greentech (Pvt) Ltd, a subsidiary of the Ideal Group, at a cost of Rs. 260 mn contributing over two megawatts to the national grid.

Nalin Welgama said, “The whole world is now focusing on renewable energy. As Sri Lanka too embraces the potential of renewable energy sources, we at Ideal Group believe it is our national responsibility to focus and contribute towards this national endeavour. Our showrooms and workshops throughout the island generate and use renewable energy and we are extremely proud of achieving a new milestone at our Mahindra Ideal Lanka plant in Welipenna which is set to generate 805 KW.”

“At Ideal, sustainability is a way of life and a key measure of our success. Not even the rainwater collected at this factory is wasted.

We have installed a waste water treatment plant ensuring all water used in our bays are cleaned and reused.  Additionally, through the practice of adapting dynamic green concepts we have activated the planting of seedlings throughout the factory.”

The Ideal Group will also mark another milestone with the launch of the second phase at its Mahindra Ideal Lanka plant in Welipenna. The foundation stone for the new factory catering to Mahindra Truck assembling will be laid today. Upon completion of the factory in December, the installation of a massive 500 KW solar power system is also slated to take place.