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Road safety and prevention of accidents

5 September, 2021

Hello readers,


The recent death of a popular, veteran actress in an accident shocked the whole of Sri Lanka. There is a high rate of road accidents in the country. For example, between January 31 and February 6, 2021, 403 accidents were reported and 45 people died in these accidents.

Some of the causes of accidents are speeding, reckless driving, overtaking on the wrong side, ignoring road safety signs, trying to run red lights, faulty brakes and the use of mobile phones.

Two other major causes of accidents are drivers falling asleep at the wheel and driving under the influence of liquor.

In fact, the actress had died as a result of the driver falling asleep and the vehicle plunging off the road.

True, there are factors beyond a driver’s control such as weather and bad roads. But by and large, it is people’s carelessness which leads to horrific accidents.

So, what must we do to prevent accidents? It is simple- do not do any of the things which can cause accidents.

Always be mindful of other vehicles and pedestrians. On country roads watch out for animals.

The carelessness of pedestrians too causes accidents. Careless road crossing, walking two or three abreast, ignoring road safety signs and being glued to mobile phones are among them. Another important thing to remember is not to distract drivers.

Accidents can kill or maim a person for life. If it is the breadwinner of the family then the whole family suffers.

Dear children, please do your mite to prevent accidents and protect people.


Till we meet again,

Good luck and stay safe,

Aunty Nira