Crysbro launches initiatives to boost green practices | Sunday Observer

Crysbro launches initiatives to boost green practices

12 September, 2021

Poultry producer Crysbro will be planting a sapling for every new employee under the Haritha Sathkaraya initiative.

This is one from a host of initiatives that the company will be introducing towards the overall betterment of its new as well as existing staff members.

An extension of the Crysbro Haritha Sathkaraya corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiative, this program applies to all recruits at the Group’s 17 business centres. The plant saplings for this are sourced and provided by the Crysbro Human Resources Division.

“As the largest poultry company in Sri Lanka, Crysbro has been able to carry out its production operations with the 14001:2015 ISO standard certification (Environmental Management System), in a sustainable environment while maintaining a low carbon footprint at all 17 business centres. Through this new program, every new recruit will have the opportunity to make a direct contribution to the environmental protection practices maintained by the company since inception,” said Crysbro Group Human Resources and Administration Manager Ranjana Mahindasiri.