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Laugfs Maritime Services turns seven

12 September, 2021

Laugfs Maritime Services, a ship owning and management company, is geared to pursue growth goals by becoming a debt-free company this month, and continuing to excel in providing Liquefied Petroleum Gas transportation and logistics services in the region.

Being the only maritime company in Sri Lanka to own three LPG vessels, Laugfs Maritime Services operates on a formula of consistent improvement, customer centricity, teamwork and integrity. All three of the company’s vessels possess Lloyd’s Register classification, while a competent and experienced team ensures the reliability, efficacy and safety of the vessels. 

“We purchased our first ship in 2014 to fulfill the LPG transporting requirement of our parent company Laugfs Gas PLC. At the time, purchasing the vessel and entering a new business venture was a challenge. As such, we named our first vessel, ‘Gas Challenger.’ Since then, we have grown at a steady pace to become a leading maritime company in Sri Lanka and gained a place of repute as a strong regional player. After seven years of operation, starting from 2014, we are set to begin a new, debt-free phase of our journey. Thus far, we have been able to charter an upwards trajectory of growth through adopting a sustainable approach. And we intend to further build on this growth,” said Director and Chief Executive Officer of Laugfs Maritime Services (Pvt) Limited, Dr. Leslie Hemachandra.

The first-ever vessel that Laugfs Maritime Services purchased (tonnage – 3,300 MT) proved to be a resounding success in fuelling the company’s journey. Propelled by the success of this first vessel, the company purchased their second vessel (tonnage – 3,700 MT) in 2015 and named it, ‘Gas Success’.  The company’s third vessel (tonnage- 1,800 MT) was named ‘Gas Courage’.   ‘Gas Courage’ was the first ever vessel to be registered at the Port of Hambantota, consequently becoming the vessel that introduced the Port of Hambantota to countries in the Asian region.  At present, Laugfs Maritime Services is the key training centre for Sri Lankan seafarers on Gas Tanker training.

Having managed shipping services for the past seven years with commendable consistency and reliability, Laugfs Maritime Services is set to pursue future growth in the same steadfast vein.  Founded in 1995, Laugfs has expanded across 20 industries in Sri Lanka and overseas, establishing a strong presence as a leader and pioneer in the power and energy, retail, industrial, services, leisure, and logistics sectors, a company spokesman said.