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Water resources

12 September, 2021

Water is the blood of the earth. The whole planet is a blue planet because of water. It is essential for the survival of organisms. Water has created a beautiful, temperate climate for survival. Therefore, water is an invaluable resource.

Water is a great resource for people as it provides them with clean drinking water. All living beings get thirsty. They can live without food for days but they can live without water for only a few hours.

Water is essential for humans, animals and plants to sustain life. But water which sustains human life is polluted by human activity.

Water is polluted due to deforestation and chemicals used by industries.

As the population increases water also gets polluted due to the increase of litter.

Water pollution is detrimental not only to humans; it is detrimental to animals and plants as well. Forests which have springs should be protected. All activities which cause water pollution must be stopped.

Water should be used with caution. It will save our lives.


Newanma Kandangodage

Grade 6

Dharmapala Vidyalaya