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Asia-Pacific Target Network conference concludes

19 September, 2021
Gary Lu 
Gary Lu 

The Asia Pacific Target Network Conference themed ‘Consolidate Elastic Target Network, Unlocking New Digital Value’ was conducted online recently.

Around 500 professionals of government agencies, standards organizations, enterprises, carriers, and industry mainstream vendors attended this conference. At this conference, Huawei worked with leading regional operators such as PLDT, Telkom Indonesia, Globe and CMI, to discuss the intelligent target network architecture and highlight the value of the transport network. 

On the first day of the conference, President of Network Marketing and Solution Sales Department at Huawei, Gary Lu delivered the keynote speech on ‘Network 2025, Enabling Business Success’. He called on the ICT industry to work closely to enable future deterministic business success through Network 2025.

According to a third party survey, 68% of business leaders take “economic uncertainty” as the biggest risk. The ICT industry is also facing the challenges of uncertainty. Networks are impacted by the pandemic. Network traffic, traffic direction and service requirements are more difficult to predict. The uncertainty of business and network directly raises two questions: “What business should I invest in?” and “Where is the most valuable place should I invest first?”

“Fortunately, we have seen joint efforts by governments, industry organizations, and carriers around the world to cope with the future uncertainty by leveraging the certainty of ICT development,” said Lu. 

“Network 2025 precisely links network planning, network investment, service development and business success. Facing the uncertainties, let’s work closely to achieve future deterministic business success through Network 2025,” said  Lu.