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My dream gift

19 September, 2021

My sister and I wanted a puppy but our father did not want to give us a puppy since they carry germs and diseases. But one day, our father surprised and my sister and me.

On June 27, around 8 a.m. a car came to my house. We didn’t pay any attention to it. We thought that the car belonged to some of father’s colleagues and we concentrated on our online classes.

But then our father called us. We came to the door. And it was such a surprise. We saw a person holding a little puppy who had long,brown ears. It was brown and white in colour. We named him Rudy. He was born on April 24. Rudy is a cocker spaniel and has brown spots on his legs.

Rudy likes to eat bones. His paw is very soft. Rudy’s ears are long. His friend is Zoolo who lives next door and is a German Shepherd.

Sometimes, Rudy doesn’t eat rice and this means that he needs dog food or meat. He likes to chase birds which come to our garden.

Rudy sleeps which ever way he wants to and always plays with my favourite toy Fira. And Rudy has broken his ears tail. Poor Fira doesn’t know what to do when Rudy bites its neck.

Rudy protects our house especially during the night and no one dares to come because of him. He loves us but is aggressive towards strangers. He is my dream gift and I will never forget how I received my best dream gift.


Ranult Lohasna Seneviratne

Grade 4

Visakha Vidyalaya

Colombo 4