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Why I love Rowing

19 September, 2021

I first started rowing in 2017 when my friends introduced the sport to me. I had tried out many other sports before, but somehow when I first walked into the Colombo Rowing Club and saw those boats in the water and the kind of excitement that was going on, right there I knew I was not just going to like this sport, I was going to love it!

It is a rewarding team sport and a great way to make life long friends. I know that my crew has got my back at all times and I will do the same for them. Its not easy when we go for training both on and off water! Starting off really early in the morning and then training till late in the evening.

It sometimes breaks us and makes us feel that we cant go on. But you know what makes me wake up and go back over and over again? ‘My Crew’.

Its also a great way to stay fit and work on strength, flexibility and even build up your muscles like most of us love to do. Rowing helps with your upper body strength, your core and most importantly your legs, making it one of the most effective forms of fitness.

Rowing is a sport that develops your life skills too. It teaches you time management, discipline and most importantly teaches you team spirit and rowing will certainly push you to your limits.

We also train on rowing machines called ‘ergs’ before we go out into the water. It gives us accurate timing and we all have our specific goals to beat. Its quite a hard task but at the same time it motivates us to reach our goals over time. It also gives us a personal satisfaction as we progress.

And finally, the ultimate joy is when we get into our boats and our oars hits the water. Your adrenaline goes on over drive and you just want to row! You leave the rest of the world near the pier and your mind is focused on one ultimate goal.

There is nothing I love more than going out there with my crew members and I can’t wait for this pandemic to be over so I could get back out there on the water.

And as an oarsman says, “When you feel like you can no longer row with your legs start rowing with your heart”


Aedan Jansz

Col B

S.Thomas’ College

Mt. Lavinia