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Foreign words and phrases

26 September, 2021

English has borrowed a large number of foreign words and phrases. Here are some of them.
Emporium (Greek) a large shop
San Francisco is no longer a paradise for outlaws; it is now a great commercial emporium.
En bloc (French) all together as a body You cannot dismiss these stories en bloc.
Encomium (Greek) an expression of praise
Encore (French) once more The band came back onstage for an encore.
Enfant terrible (French) an unruly child or a person who is known for unorthodox or outrageous behaviour
Enigma (Greek) a mystery or puzzle The neighbours regarded the old professor as something of an enigma.
En masse (French) in a body, as a whole
The management team resigned en masse.
Ennui (French) boredom, tedium, listlessness
Thelma threw down the book and rendered herself to the ennui that had been threatening her all morning.
Enrage (French) to make someone very angry
Many readers were enraged by his articles.
En route (French) on the way
Why don’t we stop for lunch en route?
Ensemble (French) a small group of musicians, actors or dancers who perform together regularly
En suite (French) an en suite bathroom is joined onto a bedroom
Entente (French) an agreement or understanding between nations
The Anglo-Russian entente was praised by many leaders.
Entourage (French) a person’s retinue Queen Elizabeth arrived in the island with her entourage.
Entrée (French) an entrance
Emily’s family name gave her an entrée into upper class society.
Entre nous (French) between ourselves, in confidence
Entrepreneur (French) a person who pursues an independent course of business
Rex was a bold entrepreneur who enjoyed arranging profitable business deals.
Environs (French) the immediate vicinity or neighbourhood
I met some people living in Geneva and its environs.
Epitome (Greek) a summary or abstract of a written document or the embodiment of something
Cleopatra looked the epitome of elegance.
Errare humanum est (Latin) It is only human to make mistakes.
Erratum (Latin) an error in a book or a list of such errors and giving their corrections
Esoteric (Greek) known and understood by only a few people who have special knowledge about something I know nothing about the esoteric world of scientific supercomputing.
Esplanade (French) a stretch of level ground suitable for walkers
Espresso (Italian) strong black Italian coffee
Espirit de corps (French) team spirit
Et alii (Latin) abbreviated as ‘et al’ means ‘and others’
Et cetera (Latin) abbreviated as ‘etc’ means ‘and the rest’ It is a shop that sells cards, envelopes, and wrapping paper.
Ethos (Greek) the set of ideas and moral attitudes typical of a particular group
It was a community in which people lived according to an ethos of sharing and caring.
Etiquette (French) the rules of personal conduct
They had to conform to a strict code of professional etiquette.
Euphoria (Greek) a state of well-being or a feeling of elation
There was a general atmosphere of pessimism after the euphoria of last year.
Eureka (Greek) used to show how happy you are that you have discovered the answer to a problem
Euthanasia (Greek) the deliberate killing of a person who is very ill and going to die, in order to stop them suffering, also known as ‘mercy killing’
Excreta (Latin) the solid or liquid waste material that people or animals produce and get rid of from their bodies
Exegesis (Greek) a detailed explanation of a piece of writing, especially a religious piece of writing
Exemplar (Latin) an ideal standard or specimen
Thatcher’s career is an exemplar of survival in difficult times.