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Mini Lid Banjos

26 September, 2021

You will need

*Recycled Jar lids
* Recycled popsicle sticks – one per banjo (If one stick is too thin, you can paste two together to make it wider or thicker as wanted)
* Loom Bands or small rubber bands – four per banjo
* Washi tape/ Coloured paper/Markers to decorate and draw on the popsicle sticks
*Duct tape/Any type of strong tape
*Sequins/Buttons/Any decorative material
* Binder glue/Any type of strong glue for decorations

How to

* Place four loom bands/rubber bands over the lid and secure in place with a piece of duct tape/tape as shown.
*Next cut the end from your popsicle stick(s) and decorate it
with a washi tape pattern or paste preferred coloured paper or decorate with markers in any way you like.
* Now attach the lid with loom bands in place to the popsicle stick with a second piece of duct tape/ tape.
* Finally use small dabs of binder glue/strong glue to stick on your sequins or other decorative material or you can use a marker to draw the little tuning knobs on the end of your banjo handle.