Abandonment | Sunday Observer


10 October, 2021

Abandonment is a very terrible thing  in society. Children abandoned by parents, parents abandoned by children and animals abandonment are tragically frequent in society.

Why would a parent abandon a child? The main reason is poverty. But it is not a valid or legal excuse and children need their parents to be there for them. 

Old parents are abandoned by their children and we can’t even imagine how terrible it is. Children should not do this to parents as they have tried to provide the best that they can for their children when their children were young. Parents took good care of their children’s health and satisfied most of their demands. However, their children have forsaken them as useless and as hindrance to them. Some children abandon their parents on the road and in elders’ homes.

Abandonment of someone by others is harmful. Abandoned people can’t control their pain. Some people become mentally ill. Some abandoned people attempt or commit suicide. We need to stop this abandonment. I wish to avoid this for the new generation. 


Menuki Lehansa Wijesinghe,

Grade 9B,

De Mazenod College