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Daughter of Mother Nature

10 October, 2021

Here I am
Covered in dust
of dim darkness
I hear the wind
soft yet rough

Lying here
sun shines upon me
My days go by
rain pours alongside
Time dies

Yet again
torn out of hope
but never lost of will
I sit here longing for a
to turn My pages
and tell My story

Years and years
Things get harder
seems like infinity
calling me towards

Soon Enough,
I am here besides
Dear Sapling
so green and pure.

I lure her in
pour her with My love
As if a mother
I mend her path

Daughter of Nature
she listens to Me
hears Me out

Time runs fast
days get short
in a space of time
we live Us apart

Oh! My dearest
My loveliest
The only Listener
of my lonely playlist

I love You more than Me
and You love Me more than You

May happiness follow you
wherever you go...
May you prosper no matter what.

Will this be a forever goodbye
I don’t know
To Daughter of Mother nature
who heeded the
Tattered Old Book.