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The evils of pollution

10 October, 2021

This is a subject that everyone talks about. Many people and organisations try to combat it but pollution remains a major global problem. Environmental pollution includes water and air pollution.

A clear indication of air pollution is the thick smog that hangs over many cities. In Sri Lanka, Colombo and Kandy are two cities affected by air pollution.

One of the major causes of air pollution is vehicle emissions. You can help reduce air pollution by ensuring that the vehicles used by your family are kept in good condition so that they will not emit noxious fumes. The emissions from factories and other industrial sites too add to air pollution.

Garbage is another majpr pollutant harmful to people and animals. Animals including elephants feast on garbage and this often results in them becoming sick and in certain cases even dying.

The pollution of water is happening at a high level. Littering happens at all levels from domestic to social. Because of the pollution of waterways and oceans many marine creatures and fish die. Some deaths have been due to the ingestion of plastic and polythene.

The cutting and distruction of trees affect rainfall and this in turn will affect crops among other things.

You, dear children, can always do your bit to prevent pollution. Do not litter or pollute. Join in campaigns like planting trees and beach clean ups. Talk to your peers about the evils of pollution and help in public awareness campaigns

Let’s work towards a pollution free world.


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Aunty Nira