Ignore basic health guidelines and dig your own graves - Dr. Hemantha Herath | Sunday Observer

Ignore basic health guidelines and dig your own graves - Dr. Hemantha Herath

10 October, 2021

If people do not follow all basic health guidelines all the time to prevent Covid-19, it will be digging our own graves. A Covid-19 cluster does not appear the following day or the following few days after a protest/protests. We noticed that Covid-19 is spreading again only when the disease reaches aged and sick people with low immunity and they fall ill. By that time, fully vaccinated asymptomatic protesters have already spread the disease, Health Services Deputy Director General Dr. Hemantha Herath said.

He told a press briefing at the Health Promotion Bureau in Colombo on Wednesday that it is the responsibility of protestors to protect themselves and the people of the country against Covid-19. Endangering people is an offence. Antigen tests become positive after days of the infection and not the following day or two. Trade Union leaders should not be irresponsible and ignorant to put the lives of their members and the people of the country in danger by organising protests.

Dr. Hearth said that the people of Sri Lanka have learned adequate lessons by now from Covid-19 and doing the same offence again and again cannot be accepted on any ground. If we push the country to where we were before two months, we will be forced to watch our loved ones dying again.

He said that following all basic health guidelines is a must for all, all the time to prevent another Covid-19 outbreak in Sri Lanka. Wearing a standard mask all the time, keeping more than one-metre from another person, washing hands with soap and water often or using a standard hand sanitiser are the basic health guidelines.