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My hobby

10 October, 2021

I like to do something useful during my leisure time. I selected reading out of the many hobbies I considered. I thought it would be useful for me. When I started reading books I realised that I was gaining much knowledge.I became very interested in my hobby and I started reading more and more.

I asked my parents to provide me with useful books and they bought me English and Sinhala story books suitable for my age. I also started reading newspapers for children. In the children’s newspapers there are lessons on many subjects and they are useful to me.

Now, I know that reading can improve my knowledge.I love my hobby and I always read during my leisure. Iam a member of library and I borrow books from it.

I know that someday in the future I will be able to achieve much because of reading. My father says ‘Reading makes a perfect man’. So, I shall continue with my hobby.

Amana Mohamed

Grade 10

Zam Refai Hajiar National School