Nature | Sunday Observer


10 October, 2021

Nature is the most valuable and precious gift to us from God to make it possible for us to live on Earth. It makes life easy for us by providing all the resources for our daily living.

We should be thankful to Nature for helping, caring and nurturing us like a mother. We can enjoy the sweet sounds and scenes of nature if we sit peacefully in the garden in the morning.

Nature abounds with scenic beauty and we can enjoy it at anytime. But it is sad that Nature’s gifts are declining day by day due to industrialisation and the high level of ignorance and inconsideration of people.

Nature is like a mother who will always nourish but never harm us. Walking in the natural environment early in the morning will make us healthy, strong and keep away sickness. Bird calls, the sound of the breeze and flowing water will calm and sooth us and this will help our health.


K.W. Chamoda Dewmini

Grade 10

Ananda College, Elpitiya