Sportsmanship | Sunday Observer


10 October, 2021

Sportsmanship means the good behaviour shown by a sportsman for the members of his team as well as for the opponents. A sportsman with sportsmanship is fair, accepts both victory and defeat and is respectful.

At present, some players in different sports show true sportsmanship while some always attempt to win and dont respect others.

A truesportsman always gives maximum effort to the game while being cordial to the other players as well as the referees .

Sportsmanship can be seen all over the world in different sports.

Those sportsmen with sportsmanship were able to win the hearts of many spectators around the world .

To make a good generation of sportsmen, not only skills but sportsmanship is needed too.


E.P Senitha Rivinuka

Grade 9

Vidura College – Colombo