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Cenmetrix eyes overseas expansion and strategic partnerships

17 October, 2021
Members of the Cenmetrix Board of Directors (from left):  Chittananda Kulatilake, Arj Wignaraja, Ziyam Kamil and  Farhard Hussain.
Members of the Cenmetrix Board of Directors (from left): Chittananda Kulatilake, Arj Wignaraja, Ziyam Kamil and Farhard Hussain.

Cenmetrix (Pvt) Ltd eyes overseas expansion and explores strategic partnerships in the coming year with the aim of multiplying its growth in the advanced technology solutions sector. The Company which offers digitised asset and resource management solutions defied all odds of the COVID-19 pandemic and economic slowdown during the year, being one of the few companies to close the financial year on a record high.

Cenmetrix set up an office in the United States earlier this year to expand its solutions and services in the American continent, and plans to further expand into the Asian region by entering Bangladesh.

The Company has already successfully implemented HR, biometric and digital resource management solution projects for state and private sector clients in Sri Lanka, USA, the Maldives, and South Korea.

“We are confident about expanding into overseas markets with our digitised asset management solutions and we want to expand our international project portfolio more aggressively in the coming years, backed by our successes overseas during the last few years,” Director, Cenmetrix, Ziyam Kamil.

Cenmetrix is considering strategic partnerships with potential investors and technology partners to contribute to the Company’s growth. The Company has also appointed industry experts to the Board to steer its growth strategies and enhance its capabilities.

The Board of Directors recently appointed Arj Wignaraja to its Board, a reputed strategist, entrepreneur and investment advisor. Wignaraja has helped formulate business strategies for Global Fortune 500 companies as well as leading Sri Lankan corporates during his 25 plus year career at the Boston Consulting Group, Stax Inc, and now at Good Life X (GLX). He is a founder of Remote Sensing Metrics, which provides proprietary insights to Wall Street investment firms based on satellite and aerial imagery. Wignaraja also serves as an advisor to Cerberus Frontier, the frontier markets investment arm of Cerberus Capital Management.

Cenmetrix operates across three countries, servicing 750 corporate clients in providing technology solutions to manage their assets more efficiently and effectively through the digitisation of resources and infrastructure. With close to 8,000 installations across the board, the Company plans to grow its presence in the IT/technology sector with innovative solutions.

“Built on our recent successes in biometrics, RFID and artificial intelligence (AI) technology, we are excited to offer advanced IT solutions in future using digital technology to increase productivity and efficiency of organisational resources and infrastructure,” Kamil said.

The Company provides secure access to assets and helps monitor deployment and use of assets and infrastructure through a blend of hardware and software solutions. This enables clients to optimize their asset utilisation and investment decisions, while increasing the productivity and efficiency of the organisation.

Cenmetrix reported a growth in revenue in 2020-2021 over the previous financial year.