Lanka Hospitals’ Blood Cancer Centre “maintains high success rate” | Sunday Observer

Lanka Hospitals’ Blood Cancer Centre “maintains high success rate”

17 October, 2021

Lanka Hospitals has received recognition for continually maintaining a high success rate among patients who have had treatment for blood cancer during the Covid-19 pandemic due to stringent safety protocols being followed at the hospital’s blood cancer centre.

This is due to several new strategies being implemented to mitigate the impact of Covid-19 on treatment services at Lanka Hospital’ Blood Cancer Centre. Clinical Haematologist and Haemato-Oncologist, Dr. Saman Hewamana and a team of specialists carried out a study to assess the change in patient attendance and the efficacy of safety measures at the Blood Cancer Centre. These findings were published recently in ‘PLOS ONE’, a journal by the PLOS Group of Publications.

“We were able to continue treatment at the Lanka Hospital’ Blood Cancer Centre with no cross-infection and had no patients with Covid-19 symptoms or positive test results entering the unit during the study period,” lead author of the research paper, Dr. Saman Hewamana said.

Senior Consultant Oncologist and co-author of the study, Dr. Jayantha Balawardena said, “We believe our data reflects the efficacy of stringent measures that are being employed to prevent cross-infections in the ward at Lanka Hospitals where blood cancer patients are being treated.”

Lanka Hospitals’ Group Chief Executive Officer, Deepthi Lokuarachchi said, “We are very proud of our Blood Cancer Centre and the ability of our blood cancer care team and specialists who have worked hard to maintain a high success rate among blood cancer patients who received treatment at Lanka Hospitals during the Covid-19 pandemic.”