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 World Food Day Global Poster Contest – A great opportunity for children

17 October, 2021

World Food Day, one of the most celebrated days of the United Nations (UN) calendar, is celebrated each year on October16  to promote worldwide awareness and action for those who suffer from hunger and for the need to ensure food security and nutritious diets for all. 

World Food Day, was first declared in 1945 by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO).

This year’s World Food Day campaign calls for global solidarity to take action and sensitise the public on each individual’s role to play in transforming our agri-food systems.

An agri-food system is a complex term but they are a part of our daily lives, every time we eat. The system covers the many different steps our food takes from the moment it’s grown and harvested all the way to when it’s transported, distributed, eaten or disposed of.

It includes all the people, activities and choices that play a part in getting us food and agricultural products.

This year’s World Food Day action-oriented campaign focuses on raising awareness of the need to support the transformation to more efficient, inclusive, resilient and sustainable agri-food systems for better production, better nutrition, a better environment, and a better life,leaving no one behind. 

The World Food Day Poster Contest provides a great opportunity to engage the younger generation so that they can make informed decisions and be an advocate for change.

If you’re between the ages of five to 19, this contest is a way for you to use your imagination and create a poster of a food journey.

In 2018, five -year-old Dinuga de Silva from Sri Lanka won first place in the 5 – 8 years age category at this international poster contest while in 2017, 8-year-old Rithini Perera was placed third in the same category. 

Dear Junior Observer readers, please do take part in this interesting contest and bring credit to yourself and the country.

Submit your posters to -

The deadline for entries is  November 5 2021.