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Getting ready for school

17 October, 2021

Hello children,

You have been staying at home and doing online classes for many months. But now, with the opening of the country, schools are to be opened in the near future. So, your dreams of going to school, having proper classes and meeting and greeting your friends will com true.

But, please remember that life is in the ‘new normal’ and there are many rules and regulations to follow especially, where health and sanitisation is concerned.

Always wear your masks and face shields. Wash and sanitise your hands frequently. Disinfect the things you touch frequently including desks, chairs and computer keyboards. Also sanitise or keep whatever you take outside before taking them into the house.

Change clothes and wash them once you have come home. Clothes can be washed at the same time you bathe.

When you see your friends for the first time your first instinct will be to hug them. Please don’t do it. Keeping the one metre distance is vital.

Avoid gathering in large groups. If needed gather in small groups keeping your distance. Don’t party just yet.

Try to avoid eating from out for the moment. Also be careful in using public transport. Always keep space between you and other passengers.

If you follow these and other safety precautions you will be safe.


Until next Sunday.

Good luck

Aunty Nira