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My father

17 October, 2021

My father is the best father in the world. His name is Shiran Ranasinghe.

He loves me very much and dedicates himself throughout the day to make my life a success.

At the beginning of the Corona pandemic I was very worried about his health as he had to go to Colombo due to his profession.

He is a veteran journalist and this makes me very proud. Fortuantely, at present he stays at home with me.

I am thankful to the Coronavirus as it gives me much time to spend with my father. I help him to cull news and send them to the relevant places.

My father appreciates my contribution and his greatest aspiration is to make me a good journalist.

I love my father very much.


P.A.S. Kathika Ranasinghe

W/P GM Sanghabodhi National College