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Kokila Navaratne no more

17 October, 2021

Mr. Sri Lanka of the Best Model of the World – Boys (2004) Kokila Navaratne (49), died of Covid-19 at the National Hospital, Colombo on Sunday.

Kokila was the founder of the KOKI Gymnasium, Maharagama with a vision of mind development and body building.

When Kokila was transferred from a private hospital in Colombo to the National Hospital, medical experts did their utmost for over two weeks.

He is the second son of K. P. Navaratne, official photographer of Temple Trees during Sirimavo Bandaranaike Government.

He leaves his mother Gunawathi, brother Nalaka and two sisters Shukla and Thilini. The funeral took place in Colombo according to current medical guidelines.