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Malshi Walakuluarachchi, the singing sensation

17 October, 2021

If you look at the sky, you will see the clouds sailing to the tune of the wind. But only a few talented singers can sing to that tune. If you are a poet, you will read the poems penned on a wisp of cloud. But only a few can become poets.

Undoubtedly Malshi Walakuluarachchi, as a talented singer is in the limelight. Malshi who won the award for the Best versatile singer at one of the leading reality shows in 2018 has made a name for herself as a talented singer on the YouTube arena by doing cover songs.

Obviously her versatility has enabled her to be distinguished as a talented singer. Born on August 11,1999 Malshi had her education at Neluwa National school. She completed her A/Ls in the art stream in 2018. At school she won teachers' and students 'hearts by participating in inter school music competitions and winning awards at music competitions.

However, she did not recognize her inner singer and inner versatility until she was selected for the school music band. " I did not know whether I can sing songs but unexpectedly when I was selected for the school music band, I believed that I can sing." Malshi awakened her memories. As a determined girl she had given priority to her goal. Her musical path had become a tough one. "I had to travel from Galle to Ratmalana for my auditions by bus. My mother did not like my decision to apply for the Junior Superstar competition. But later she was happy about my decision," she said.

Her schooldays

Needless to say that we all have unforgettable memories. If we can hang all memories on a single strand of memories, what would be the first? No doubt that your answer must be the memories of your school days. "I participated in school music concerts and sang songs with my friends. Especially when we went on a trip I used to play my guitar.” Malshi had studied music under well experienced music teachers with the hope of sharpening her knowledge.

Giant pillars behind her success

Speaking of her journey, her parents Kumari Liyanage and Kapila Walakuluarachchi had encouraged her to continue her musical journey. And her grandmother and grandfather had helped her in every possible way. When asked about her cover songs, she remembered Chandana Prasanna who helped her to do cover songs. To be honest, the cover songs which she had uploaded on her YouTube channel - Malshi Walakuluarachchi will reveal her versatility.

Her message

"I am new to this field but never miss any opportunity because opportunities are rare. Follow your dreams, focus on your targets and do whatever you love. Many will try to hold you down but it is you who should overcome all obstacles. I have a dream in my life.

"My goal is to become a popular singer like Umaria. I know that it will be very difficult but I will achieve my goal somehow. Indeed, we should not let such talented artistes be hidden behind clouds. Even by combing the powder puff clouds, we have to identify our talented youths for a better future.