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The Painting of Peace

17 October, 2021

“No Person, no place and nothing has any power over us, for ‘We’ are the only thinkers in our mind. When we create peace, harmony and balance in our minds we will find it in our lives.”

‘Peace’ usually the talk of town, often leads to the misconception that it is to be fulfilled through ‘Violence’, the opponent of this factor. However, it’s a false fulfillment, By experience and notation it can often be seen that love can solve violence and put an end to it.

Now, we see crime scenes, harassment and war everywhere. Is it the fact that these notorious people don’t know how to live in harmony? Or is it that they were exposed to such a culture? Or by chance is it that we don’t know how to create Peace?. No, the exact reason seems to be the incapability we have in extracting the definition of peace.

Painting depicting peace

There once lived a king, who announced a reward for the painter who would draw a painting depicting peace. Many talented painters sent the king their paintings. At the end, there was a vast, beautiful collection of paintings that were drawn by great as well as average painters. Among these there was a clear lake and a calm sky.

As the king opened an exhibition for these paintings, many thought that this clear landscape had the chance of claiming the price.

But as the king announced the winner at the end of the exhibition, everyone was astonished and it was, the picture that won the prize had rough, bare mountains dipped in a angry sky with lightning.

It seemed to portray a storm rather than peace. Almost all of the people thought this to be a terrible mistake.

Yet, if anyone looked closely at the painting, it could clearly be seen that a tiny bush was growing in the cracks of a rock. In this tiny bush a mother bird had built her nest. In midst of the rushing angry weather, the bird sat on her nest calmly and peacefully.

Though with an unknown source, this story tells, a unique and very distinguished story for explaining the true aim of Peace.

Peace defines the inner harmony of a person’s soul; it can be attained at any state whether the person is happy or sad. Depending on today’s world ‘finding peace’ it may seem that peace has evaporated due to war and disasters.

Although most of us ponder this way,a handful have already got into the path of maintaining peace. Out of this handfull some can be poor whereas the others could be wealthy, which indicates the fact that tranquility can affect people regardless of gender, race, money caste or nationality.

It also proves that ‘Money’ itself can’t solve problems and finally lead them to Peace. Nevertheless, Money can always be a problem and this could be why maintaining Peace is hard.


The world being monetised may feed into the Question; “Will peace ever be there?.” Even though many disagree, the positive side of this Question’s answer is, that if we go through it carefully and intensely we can get to a point where, things can eventually turn to Peace’s existence. And yes, it does has it’s own rules, to abide Peace it must grow within the each of us. It shouldn’t be penetrated by hatred, jealousy or other negative values. For this,one must acquire love for every human being. Mostly conflicts occur because people find it difficult to fit in with different people in this vast society. In my opinion, it’s a must that all of us learn to cooperate with each other despite religion, skin colour, gender and other barries.

The correct meaning of Peace has to be redefined as “Staying Calm midst disasters and trouble” just like the Bird staying in silence in the middle of the storm. Within the present, we can observe the burning down of religious buildings, domestic violence, brutality on animals and other such abominations. The DE-existence of peace has made them increase largely. It’s not only in now but in the past too people have waged war against each other. For example, take a look at World Wars One and and Two. If one country declared war, surely the other had to decide to go to war in the next few days. War will never solve any problem, War makes people lose lives, families and love. The spread of love is the only solution for this war and hatred, in the end will finally create Peace.

It has become an essential fact to guide humans from childhood to live in harmony and quietude. Therefore, many institutes plus schools initiate group work and community work to enhance peace among children.


People must live in co-existence with each other. Yes they may come in different sizes, in different colours and with different qualities. This doesn’t mean that they are to be categorised into groups and treated differently. Unfortunately, some people don’t get this idea clearly, finally leading them to create unwanted conflicts. It’s a must that all of the Earth’s beings must be taught that living in quietude and harmony will eventually create paths to a better future.

The word ‘Peace’ doesn’t mean to be in a place where there’s no noise or trouble, it means to be in the midst of chaos but calm at heart. So, after all, the from the story above, a bird sitting in it’s nest in middle of a storm was the exact way in expressing and pointing out the correct meaning of Peace’.

The real peace isn’t the peace we experience through signing treaty’s and deals. As humans in my opinion we haven’t practically experienced tranquility due to our busy nature. The real peace is the state of mind, not the state of the surroundings. Peace is a daily, a weekly, a monthly process; gradually changing opinions, slowly cutting down old barriers and forming brilliant new structures.

As said by a former First Lady of the United States “It isn’t enough to talk about peace. One must believe in it. And it isn’t enough to believe in it, one must work at it”.

Let’s work together for World Peace.