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An ice-cream garden

24 October, 2021

One day, when I went to my garden I saw ice-cream all around. The ice-creams were huge. I ate many different flavoured ice-creams. I shared some ice-creams with my brother who is only four years old. The ice-creams were tastier than I had imagined. My brother was very happy with the ice-creams.

Next, my brother and I climbed into an ice-cream cone. We were very high up almost touching the clouds.

I took my parents to the garden. They were surprised by the huge ice-creams which were all around the garden. It was very cold out there. My mother and father climbed up the ice-cream cone and ate many different flavoured ice-creams.

It was very colourful in the garden. We were very happy.

Just then the ice-cream man came but we did not buy any ice-cream as our stomachs were full.

We rested and then climbed to the top of an ice-cream and dug till we reached the bottom.

Suddenly, it became very hot. All the ice-creams melted. My brother and I were very sad. However, it was an unforgettable day in my life.


Himadhi Gunawardena

Grade 3

Lyceum International School, Nugegoda