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Making use of hobbies

24 October, 2021

Hello children,

Hobbies are fun, creative and give us hours of fun. They can also be put to good use around your home. You can also save some money for your parents by doing DIY projects.

If carpentry is your hobby you can put it to good use around your home. Making shelves, stools and items like key holders can be done at home. Simple repairs too can be done by you.

You could also enhance the family income by making fancy items, cutting jigsaws and utilising your hobby in many other ways.

Sewing is another hobby which can be used in the same way as carpentry. Sewing curtains and other items needed for the home can be done at home itself. Those of you who enjoy cooking can help mum get the family meals or maybe even cook a meal to give mum a break. Home gardening is another hobby which can be used for the benefit of the family.

With this type of hobby you can also earn some money to enhance your pocket money the family income. You can make or sew items for sale. Young chefs can make items like brownies or cookies for sale.

These are just a few hobbies that can also be productively used for the benefit of family and home. There are many more.


So, put on your thinking cap.

Till we meet again,

Good luck

Aunty Nira