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Missing manager: Police conduct initial inquiry

24 October, 2021

What was the reason for the manager of the wrestling team to desert camp during their tour to participate in a World Wrestling Championship held in Norway early this month is the big question being asked.

The question was asked from Niroshan Perera the president of the Colombo District Wrestling Association at an inquiry conducted by a Police post at the Ministry of Sports.

“Donald Indrawansa the manager of the team was first of all selected through favouritism and was behaving in a very strange manner”, alleged Perera.

“This team was selected in an ad-hoc manner. The Wrestling Association had not conducted trials for nearly four years and they did not have a proper national coach nor a selection committee. This team that went was selected in 2018 and had not participated in any local competition since then. Because of this, new wrestlers could not find a place in the squad,” Perera further revealed.

Police asked Niroshan Perera whether he could give evidence when called to attend a case that is to be filed against the manager, to which he replied positively.